Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Swing glider

I found the perfect seat for the balcony at Home Depot. It is a 2 person swing glider and is the perfect size for out there. I had the two fold up chairs but they aren't all that comfortable to sit out there and read. Home Depot had 2 and I tried them both and the cheaper of the two was far more comfortable. It actually take up less room that the chairs did.

The plants seem to be liking it out there with the exception of the Tree Mallow and I think a slug or snail came with the plant pot when it moved from the yard to the balcony. I found it on there and booted it out but it or something seems to have made the Tree Mallow look sick. I have planted the Kramers Red Heather in the same pot with it and I'll just leave it alone and hope it comes back. If not I'll just pull it and leave the heather in the pot alone.

The Samurai Japanese Maple is leafing out beautifully and I love the veined leaves. That was the main reason I bought this Maple was for the leaves. The Shojo and the Full Moon Maples are liking their spots too and are leafed out quite well. The Shojo has an undertone of green and the Full Moon is a very bright light limey green. New leaves are so pretty.

Both of the Azaleas are getting ready to bloom and the Grace Smoketree is finally starting to get leaves. I work at a tree farm/nursery so I have access to and can buy many of the less common type of trees and shrubs. When I moved from the house to the apartment I had to give up quite a few of the trees I had started to collect. I kept my favorites for the balcony plus they are mainly plants that will do will in the semi shade.

This shows the first of the leaves starting to emerge
against the lime green of the Full Moon Maple. I sure hope it gets its smoke plumes this year. The tree is 2 years old this year and some of the ones at work bloomed last year.

I planted the Catoneaster in the same pot as the Full Moon Maple and sitting behind is one of Peter Grimes cement masks. I call it my Sumo because to me it does look like a Sumo. He does some very cool masks. He also grows some beautiful Monkey Trees. I have two of his masks now and I enjoy having them. I planted the Creeping Raspberry in with the Red Heart Hibiscus and I'll get a picture of it for next update.


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