Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Azalea's and Rhodo's

The Purple Splendor is now blooming as is the Roseshell Azalea. Both are so pretty and the Roseshell smells so nice. A real clove smell. It doesn't have much in the way of blooms this year and I think it may not like being too wet. It spent all winter on the deck of the house and it got quite wet as the pot has a pan attached that holds the water in I think. I may take it off and see if that helps. Also it's not getting as much light as it would probably like. I think this weekend I may move the plants around on the balcony and see how they all like that.

I brought home some new little ground covers to put in with the trees. Some Bog Rosemary, two new kinds of Heather and another kind of Cotoneaster called Rock Spray. The Heathers are a white one called Silberschmelze and a "ruby crimson" one called Allegro. It blooms August to September and the white one blooms December to May. The original one in there is called the Kramer's Red and it blooms October to April so they should all be very pretty next winter.


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